Water Hyacinth Scrubber

HydroMentia’s Water Hyacinth Scrubber™ manages and optimizes water hyacinth’s natural capability to extract nutrient pollutants to ensure sustainability and increased treatment performance.

Water hyacinths have been used for decades to reduce nutrients in water discharging from agricultural operations such as swine and dairy farms.Chart-6 In addition to nitrogen and phosphorus, water hyacinth treatment units assist in the removal of suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), heavy metals, and organochlorides. HydroMentia’s patented Water Hyacinth Scrubber (WHS™) perfects the management of this productive plant to ensure sustainability and increased treatment performance.

WHS™ systems consist of lined ponds in which floating water hyacinth are cultivated. Nutrients are removed from the water column primarily through direct plant uptake in the root system. The hyacinths also support a diverse community of bacteria and invertebrates that provide additional pollutant uptake and removal. Frequent harvesting of the water hyacinth utilizing our specifically-designed harvesting equipment maintains the WHS™ at maximum productivity, creating a system where nutrient removal is optimized.