How it Works

ATS video

The Algal Turf Scrubber® optimizes algae’s natural capabilities to recover excess nitrogen and phosphorus from water and delivers unparalleled performance to meet new federal total maximum daily load (TMDL) regulations.

Polluted water is conveyed to the ATS™, where it is pulsed in waves across a sloped floway. Movement of the water down the floway encourages the growth of periphytic algae, which grows into an algal turf on the surface of the treatment floway. The algae, in turn, absorb excess nutrients and carbon dioxide in the water.

Routine harvesting maximizes algal growth and pollutant recovery. Harvested biomass is recycled into environmentally beneficial end products. Products currently made from algae include soil-enhancing compost and livestock feed. In the future, harvested algae will be used for the production of  biodiesel and other energy products.

HydroMentia’s patented harvesting processes allow efficient and cost-effective biomass removal.  HydroMentia conducts the harvesting, and all aspects of system operations are routinely evaluated in order to ensure maximum performance.

The mobile operations department handles every aspect of system maintenance during weekly site visits, and is diligent in addressing any issues as they arise.

Operation and maintenance of HydroMentia’s water treatment facilities is streamlined to allow continual remote oversight; eliminating the need for full-time, on-site personnel and reducing operating costs.

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